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Q: What to do if my "check engine" light is on?


A: Don't ignore it. Contact us so we can perform a correct diagnostic. We have all the equipment and expertise to resolve the problem.


Q: Is it safe to drive if my check engine light is on?


A: It really will depend what code and problem it is? The best thing about the Check light is that it often detects problems before they become major more expensive problems. In some cases The car will go in to a safe mode and restrict the driving speed. Don't continue driving for days with a warning light on as it may cause further damage to your vehicle.



Q: Not sure what to do?

A: Book an appointment as soon as possible just to be on a safe side. Our equipment will usually give our computer a trouble code, indicating why the Engine light came on. We will use this code to help us trace the actual problem and we can then correct it. We then clear any codes in the system and run your vehicle to make sure everything is back to normal.

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